The US Supreme Court in Kelo v. City of New London has transformed the fundamental property rights upon which America and western civilization has been built into Feudal America. The government can essentially control all property, allowing ordinary persons to have only what it deems appropriate.

In short, the government can condemn, that is, take your property (and pay you for it), and give it to someone else, even if your property is not blighted or a harm to society, if someone else can make a better use of the property thereby generating more taxes, jobs, or some other proposed benefit for society. In Kelo, people’s homes were taken so that Pfizer could build a factory employing the community.

Hello feudalism. The government decides what is the best use for your property. The government will always be able to articulate some benefit it achieves, whether it is more taxes, more jobs, or some ambiguous public benefit.

This is a far-ranging opinion. Only the rich and powerful will be able to pay government officials and make the claim as to some societal benefit to be obtained. Incidental, of course, to the benefits received by the rich and powerful.

In medieval Europe the lord owned the land and controlled the masses. It was not until private ownership of property became accepted that Europe began emerging from the dark ages. The security of private property ownership is one of our most important rights. But that has now been taken away. All private property is at risk of being taken and given to someone else. Let us start with the property owned by 5 Supreme Court justices….

Feudal America
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