In the wake of the London underground bombings it was announced in New York that they would begin random searches of passengers. But absolutely no profiling will be done.

Why not?

Political correctness.

The issue here is security. Safety. Life and death.

We have a profile of the typical terrorist bomber: young male, Muslim, usually of Arab ancestry. Usually carrying something that could hide explosives.

It makes no sense to randomly select 83-year White great-grandmothers to search. At best, that only gives a false sense of security. “We search 500 people a day.” Of course, searching 500 people a day who obviously are not terrorists is just a waste of money and inconvenience to everyone.

Personally, if the transit authority is going to search someone, I would prefer that they search the guy with the backpack wearing an overcoat in 95 degree weather. Why? Because of a PROFILE.

Remember, the goal is to catch terrorists.

If you are reading this and are a young male, Sunni Muslim, of Arab ancestry – sorry if you are offended – but you match the profile of a potential terrorist. If you match that profile, and are never searched, you should be concerned.

Profiling Security
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