President Bush says he has authorized and will continue to authorized wiretaps and eavesdropping without court approved warrants in the battle against terrorism. This is despite the existence of a secret court created for the purpose of reviewing and expediting sensitive wiretapping requests.

If the wiretapping has involved US citizens is there any reason why Bush should not be impeached? To argue that the nation’s security permits any action whatsoever, without any attempt to comply with legal due process, is to argue for a dictator, a Julius Caesar Bush who can proclaim any authority regardless of constitutional limits.

If an emergency arises and there is no time to acquire an initial subpoena, did anyone think of going to the court afterwards with the facts and undoubtedly justification for future snooping? Apparently not. Just an unbridled claim to unlimited power.

On the other hand, if the wiretapping has involved foreigners in the US then I have less of a concern. But a line has to be drawn protecting the rights of US citizens – the rights many founders lost their lives fighting for to escape the tyranny of a King who believed the ends justified the means.

There is no question that the Bush administration is secretive, and issue openly discussed in the media for years. But now we have had reports of secret prisons, walls of secrecy preventing the people from knowing what actions are being taken in their name, and now secret wiretaps.

It is time for King Bush to understand that the “war” on terror, the “war” on drugs, or the “war” on anything else is not a blank check for him to assume dictatorial policies he assumes are needed to protect us.

Julius Caesar Bush to be Impeached
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