The Mayor of New Orleans, who must be the worst mayor in the country, has stated that New Orleans is a chocolate city and he wants it to stay that way.

He also said the hurricanes were sent by God who was mad at Blacks and the United States.

This is the same nincompoop who blamed a racist US federal government for its hurricane response.  Perhaps, as he suggests, Bush was merely doing God’s bidding?  How could the mayor complain about that?

Could you imagine the mayor’s indignation and uproar if someone said they wanted to see New Orleans become a little more vanilla after the hurricanes?

Funny how those who complain about racism are often the largest racists of all.  That is because they view everything through a very narrow lens – a lens made of black and white.  Racism is their way of life.  For this type of person, racism is a lifeline for further political gain and continued living off of the taxes paid by others.

Hopefully the people of New Orleans have some common sense and will get this moron out of office.

Chocolate City New Orleans
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