The United States has promoted and trumpeted democratic elections in Palestine.  What could be better for the Middle East than a dose of democracy – hopefully to spread through the region?

How about the people voting Hamas, a terrorist organization, into power!

Not exactly what the United States had in mind.  But that is apparently what the Palestinian people truly want – war with Israel and the murder and annhiliation of all Jews in the region.

Perhaps the Palestinians were voting more with the pocketbooks and assuming Hamas can provide economic conditions that are better than what the Fatah has provided over the last several decades.  But it is also not that simple.  The German people also embraced the Nazi party for supposedly economic reasons.

Iran has a mad leader bent on world conflict, who is rallying the Iranian people behind the false banner of national pride in establishing a nuclear program.  Osama Bin Laden is intent of using anything possible to bring Arabs to attack and hate Westerners.  Now Hamas is in control of Palestine.  Iran is being embrased by both Syria and Hamas.
Maybe Hamas’ perspective of its priorities and responsibilities will change now that it is in power instead of being able to take shots from the sidelines.  We can only hope.  The overall situation in the Middle East continues to slowly degrade into a major conflict.

Meanwhile, the US political parties remain fixated on trying to personally destroy those in the opposite party – seemingly blind to the consequences of their not putting the time and effort into world events – and plainly uncaring about the American people (unless that can be translated into a way to embarass the other party.)  Now is the time for strong, unified leadership.  Rallying around whoever is in power after an attack, or after war has started, will not be sufficient.

The People Want Terrorism
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