Attorneys for murderer Michael Morales are trying to get a San Jose federal judge to agree that it is cruel and unusual punishment to impose the death penalty by lethal injection. They are concerned that the chemicals may not act fast enough, letting someone breath for up to a minute in pain.

A whole 60 seconds of pain !

Michael Morales was found guilty of knocking a young girl unconscious. Then dragging her away, raping her, and then stabbing her to death.

For that California taxpayers get to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal appeals – not deciding whether this guy should die – but whether in some instances the injection method does not act fast enough.

Frankly, 60 seconds of pain is not nearly long enough for this guy.

The death sentence is obviously cruel and unusual punishment for petty theft. Is there anything that could be considered cruel and unusual for Morales?

Whatever happened to a rope and a tree?

If speed is what his attorneys want, does France have any leftover guillotines?

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