70,000 people have joined protests in Pakistan against the Muhammad cartoons.  In their anger over the insult they have torched restaurants, burned movie theatres, destroyed a bus station, and ransacked the primary mobile phone operator in the country.  Protestors have also claimed all of these things, such as music and movies, are against Islam.

Committing violence and destroying property are apparently not against Islam.

It is not logical for someone to say they are offended by a cartoon, and to a result destroy their cell phone service.

These are people looking for an excuse to riot.  Apparently, a lot of of people.  The poor.  The unemployed.  The extremist religious zealots and Taliban sympathizers looking to take the world back to the 12 Century.  Opposing political parties trying to cause trouble for political gain (sounds like the US in that regard).

Cutting Off Your Own Nose
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