“Observing the pro-immigration demonstrations in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta and elsewhere in recent days, I wondered: whose country is this? Why are many illegal aliens who broke our laws to get here and who continue to break our laws to stay here, demanding that the United States not only allow them to remain, but support them with the taxes of law-abiding citizens? Have we gone mad?”Thousands Rally For Immigrants’ Rights” read a headline about the Phoenix march. What rights? If they are here illegally, they have the right to leave. They have no rights under our Constitution, anymore than I might expect the rights of a Mexican citizen should I choose to live illegally in Mexico. Marchers in Los Angeles carried Mexican flags, which should tell us about their primary allegiance.”

– Cal Thomas.

Why weren’t the police arresting anyone admitting to be here illegally?

Do you realize that 1 out of every 25 people in this country is here illegally?  This is an invasion.  Our inept political leaders, Republican and Democrat, have allowed so many illegals into this county that they literally are this country in some places.

Do you remember the last amnesty program a few years ago, after which this problem was supposed to have been solved and the US would not offer amesty privileges to illegals in the future?

All we are doing is increasing the incentives to come here illegally and disrespecting legal immigrants.  If we need more workers increase the number of legal immigrants allowed in.  But don’t reward those crossing illegally.  Where is the punishment of companies employing illegal workers?  Why does everyone have to waste their time with I-9 forms proving who they are when they apply for a job if nothing is actually done to prevent the employment of illegals?
If you think the situation is bad now, just wait another 10 years.  We could have 20 million more illegal residents.

Illegal Immigrants Demanding Rights is Absurd
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