Mexicans in Southern California are protesting against Costa Mesa’s plan to check the immigration status of felony suspects.  If it wasn’t enough that illegals are in this country using our resources and sapping our tax base, for those committing the worst of the worst crimes, these idiots do not even want these undesireables deported after they serve prison time (another drain on our taxes).

Apparently, having NO checks on illegal immigration is more important to Mexicans than ensuring that US citizens are safe from violent criminals who cross the border.

Perhaps that is why they are waiving Mexican flags.

The Mexicans’ chant at their protest was “We’re here and we’re not leaving.”  – Even if we’re felons who murder, rape, and steal your property.

Wonderful.  I say, send them all back.  Not just the violent criminals, but all of them, particularly those supporting such insane protests.  They can immigrate legally.  Perhaps those who abide by the laws to come into this country will be less apt to commit felonies, and less likely to support those who commite felonies.

Supporting Illegal Immigrant Felons
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