There was a link on the Drudge Report today to an article on the Durham Herald Sun’s website about the Duke lacrosse rape case.  Clicking the link resulted in the following notice on the Herald Sun’s website:

“Due to high traffic, this story is no longer available on our web site.”

They should have said:

“Due to our creating a popular story that a lot of people wanted to read, instead of profiting from that and relishing the good luck in having a high-trafficked site like the Drudge Report send us and our advertisers many readers, we have decided to pull the story.

Instead of sending readers to the home page of our newspaper we are telling people to pound sand.

Of course, the high traffic volume to our website may be used in setting higher prices in the future for our online advertisers.  We’re sure our advertisers do not want anyone to see their ads, because if we have a popular story that could bring thousands upon thousands of eyeballs to see our advertisers ads, we will delete the story.”

We’re a News Source But Don’t Want to be Read
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