It will be announced that the Iraqi government has not met a single benchmark set the Congress for approval of continued funding.  Big surprise.

Remember years ago when Bush said the Iraqi military and police forces were being trained, had a number of ready to go units, and it would be a few months before they could handle the security of their county.

Remember when Cheney said the ‘insurgents’ were in their last throes.

Remember when it was “Mission Accomplished.”  Actually, it was mission accomplished.  That is when our military had completed its military objective to remove Saddam Hussein.  Since then, not enough ‘reconstruction’ and too much use of the military for non-military duties and endless patrolling waiting to get hit with a roadside bomb.

So now the Iraqi government has not met a single benchmark.  Actually, it had disgressed as numerous factions are now boycotting the government.

The Iraqi government, and country as a whole, are mainly killing time waiting for the US soldiers to leave.  Then they can ramp-up the civil war started some time ago.  Then it will be killing time.

In the US, we are killing time waiting for a new President to be sworn in.

Killing Time
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