I was recently in Tahoe and went to see the TVs Magic Stars magic act showing at the Horizon Casino.  It was great.  The sleights of hand, magic tricks, and illusions were incredible – occuring just a couple feet away.

One of the performers, Joel Ward, and his lovely assistant Morgan, brought me up on stage to help with an act.  This is one where the lovely assistant is enclosed in a tied bag, then placed in a box and the lid to the box is padlocked closed on all four sites.  A curtain goes up, then quickly down, and now she is not only out of the box but in a different revealing outfit.

I did the padlocks and verified that everything about the box was solid – all 4 sides and the top.

I also got to stand in the box and, OMG, hold Morgan’s hand! (and verify there were no tricks in the box).

It was a great time.

Then, OMG II, she held my hand again as we did a bow for the audience.

Near the end of the show when I was back at my seat long confetti streamers were released from the ceiling.  One landed in the candle on our table and quickly burned.  Unfortunately, the other end was laying on my pants – yep, right where you know what -  and I was briefly on fire.

This is a very entertaining show.  Go see it.  And watch out for the streaming confetti.

TVs Magic Stars – Go See These Magicians!
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