The NAACP has come out urging public restraint in the Michael Vick dog torture case now that one of his co-defendants has pleaded guilty.

It would be nice if the NAACP came down hard on those who make the black community look bad.

Do you recall the recently completed Duke rape hoax? Where is the NAACP urging prosecution of the fake victim? Where is the apology to the accused students?

Remember, this is the NAACP who said Duke was not doing enough, wanted an investigation of the students, and tried to get a gag order so the fake victim could get a fair trial. And there’s more, here is some stuff CURRENTLY on one of the NAACP websites:

“Crimes and Torts committed by Duke Lacrosse Team Players”

“The Lacrosse Team Captains who hosted the party, including Defendant Evans, lied about their identity to the dance services when they ordered two female dancers.

The Lacrosse Team Captains who hosted the party, including Defendant Evans, lied about the nature of the party, stating it was a small bachelor party of less than 10 men, and that the dancers would not need an escort.”

The team captains who rented 610 Buchanan, including Defendant Evans, made a common plan to trick two female dancers to come to the party unescorted, for 40 young athletic men. On information and belief, the hosts requested one white and one Latino dancer. As part of the plan, they called at least two different dance services to obtain the dancers. Their misrepresentations convinced the manager of Allure Escort Services, at about 8:30 p.m., to notify CM, a recently hired dancer, that she had a job going to dance for a small bachelor party near Duke.

Ms. M has stated she was kidnapped into the bathroom, beaten, robbed, choked, and vaginally and anally raped.

During the early morning hours, according to notes of the different police officers and staff at the ER, Ms. M.’s account of the rape included an accusation that Ms. Roberts had urged her to have sex with her and with the men, and that Ms. M. was taken into the bathroom and raped anally, vaginally and orally, and the three men used racial and sexual slurs during the assault.

The serial killer in American Psycho followed a similar pattern with his female victims. The Duke PD wrote a report trivializing the incident, based on what a Duke cop had overheard of one side of a phone conversation a Durham cop was making. According to a study paid for by Duke, Duke President Brodhead was not told anything about the rape charges for several weeks. During the week of the party and the charges of rape made within three hours, Duke’s nationally ranked basketball team had moved into the quarterfinals of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Its coach was seen several times a night giving a commercial based partly on the reputation of Duke and its athletics.

On information and belief, Captain Evans, knew that he was in trouble, the minute the Ms. Roberts called 911 at 12:53 a.m. He had hosted the party, may have been involved in mixing the drinks, and has produced no alibi during the critical two periods when his own lawyer’s photos indicate Ms. M, almost passed out from some kind of narcotic, was brought back into the house.

Mr. Evans consulted with his father, a Washington, D. C. lawyer, who in turn, hired one of the best criminal lawyers in North Carolina and a man with good skills at working the media, Joseph Cheshire. Cheshire had close working relationships with one of the best investigative reporters in North Carolina, Joe Neff. Cheshire and Neff together had pieced together enough evidence to help get Cheshire’s client, Alan Gell, exonerated for a crime that a jury had convicted him of, and sentenced him to the death penalty.

The next week, two weeks after the party, several team members retained some of the best criminal lawyers in the area. The three team captains, who lived at the House (it is unclear whether they paid Duke rent for the house and they all moved out) have hired top-dollar attorneys: James “Butch” Williams (Capt. Dan Flannery), Joe Cheshire (Capt. Dave Evans), and Kerry Sutton (Capt. Matt Zash).

Cheshire attacked the D. A. for creating a “lynch-mob mentality in the community,” and said Nifong “has judged these young men to be guilty.” The defense lawyers are paid large fees to zealously represent their clients.

A tactic in every sexual assault case is to intimidate the survivor/witness of the attack into refusing to testify. As part of this tactic, they released their photos of the dancer, they have dug up old stories about how she was traumatized as a teen-ager, and have tried to put her past character on trial, knowing well her past sexual history is off limits before the jury.

The strategy of the Duke 3 Support Group is as old as sex. Attack the survivors, the vulnerable women. Trash them to re-traumatize them. First the night of the assault, and then every night after on the tv talk shows, the blogs, and on the front pages of the press—trying to bludgeon them into to being afraid to testify.

The three defendants they have two mountains to climb. First, they must deflect public attention from their boorish, racist, and illegal behavior by mounting outlandish attacks on the survivor and the D.A. Second, they must deal with a mountain of physical evidence, that is corroborated by, we have reason to believe, accounts of some of the men who were at the party who have cooperated with the police and the D.A. from early on.”

Way to go NAACP.  That shows a lot of restraint.  Instead of recognizing the rape hoax, they are still claiming the lacrosse team victims engaged in “illegal behavior,” were “racist,” had Duke hide their crimes because the basketball team was on the national stage, “lied,” and unfairly challenged the fake accuser by using high-priced attorneys.

NAACP on the Wrong Side of Justice – Again
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