Is it racist to use Barack’s middle name?  Why use middle names at all – especially if the person referred to does not use their middle name when identifying themselves?

The interesting issue this year is not just whether the liberal media are afraid to say Hussein when referring to Barack, but why they apply a double-standard for Hillary Clinton.

Or should I say, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For example, the lead editorial in the Sacramento Bee today refers to “Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama” as the Democratic presidential nominees.

Neither candidate uses their middle name when identifying themselves to voters.  You never hear “Hi, I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton and I want your vote.”  Instead, it is “Hi, I’m Hillary Clinton and I want your vote.”  The same for Barack.

So why use Hillary’s middle name but not Barack’s?

Fairness requires consistency.  So either refer to the middle name of both candidates, or don’t.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama
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