This photo from Shannon Stapleton at Reuters is a powerful reminder to think of the consequences before taking risky, detrimental action: you do not want to be in his shoes facing his wife, daughters, friends and colleagues – for the rest of his life.
Eliot and Silda Spitzer

It is apparent from this and other photos that Silda Spitzer is a very strong and beautiful woman.

But, why is she there?

Is it Clintonian?  Is it more important to hold onto power than to let personal transgressions and immorality destroy that power?  Many would have been so embarassed they would have resigned on the spot.  Eliot Spitzer in his short address said politics is more about ideas than the person.  If so, he should resign, as his person is irrelevant.  Or, is it really about the person, so arrogant in their belief that their ideas are so important, and can only be presented by them, that they must stay in power at all costs.

Eliot and Silda Spitzer
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