The title of this article is the lead title in the Sacramento Bee today.  The Bee argues that a mail-in re-vote would not be “equitable” because voters would be excluded “who hadn’t been given time to register?

The Bee argues that “the only viable option” is to schedule full-blown, vote in person contests that “provide ample lead-time for voter registration….”


What knucklehead wrote this?  The lead editorial has no attribution.

This is a re-vote.  If a person was not registered to vote in January when the primaries were first held then it is hardly “equitable” to give them time to get registered for a second vote.  Why should someone who could not be bothered to register for the January vote be of such concern than an extra $20,000,000.00 will be spent so they will have more time to register for a second vote?  And how many people fit into this category anyway?

100?  10,000?  Who knows.  Except that it is apparent the extra dollars the Bee would propose to spend per previously unregistered voter who now wants to get into the game would be staggering.

The Bee asserts that a mail-in vote would “surely exclude certain voters…” – those not registered.  But a mail-in vote would also “surely” include those who find it inconvenient, or impossible, to physically make it to a polling place.

The Bee simply states that “Florida and Michigan should at least bear some of the costs for a redo of the primaries.”

Why?  Why?  Why?  I didn’t read about the Bee volunteering to pay a penny of its profits for this boondoggle.
Why should Republicans pay so that the Democrats who broke the rules in the first place get another vote?  The Democrats in those states took a known chance in moving up their primaries and paid the penalty.  The fact that some Republicans in the legislature may have voted to let Democrats commit suicide is of no moment – it is what the Democrats wanted.

What they wanted was to move up their primaries to the front of the line to exert what they hoped was extra influence by their states in the nominating process.  Ironically, they now want to have another primary at the back of the line.

Ultimately, I have a solution, at least for Florida.  Because I’m tired of hearing about voting problems in Florida.  No redo.  No re-vote.  Their delegates simply do not count.  If you can’t play by the rules you deserve a penalty – not to be bailed out.  A lesson learned that will prevent a repeat in the future.

Florida, Michigan: Train wreck for Democrats?
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