With Barack on the ropes regarding his patriotism and support of his pastor who has made incendiary racist statements, Hillary manages to end the negative publicity about Barack by lying about her “experience” and arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot, especially when it comes to the experience issue which she has been trying to exploit and differentiate herself from Barack. I don’t think we’ll be seeing that 3 am phone call ad any more.

There are misstatements and there are lies. And maybe there is living in a fantasy world. Hillary comes out and says it is the first time she “misspoke.” Of course Barack quickly points to at least 4 times Hillary has lied about the sniper fire. This is not a misstatement. Either a lie, or delusion, or a mixture of both, she’s managed to sabotage her biggest opportunity to make a case for the nomination.

Hillary: Dear Barack, Have the Nomination
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