A while ago SMUD, the local utility provider, decided that for online account payments only Visa would be accepted. No more Mastercard.

Naturally, my bank had switched its cards from the Visa to the Mastercard program.

So I complained to SMUD, noting their motto “The Power to Do More” and its apparent inapplicability to offering “more” payment options for its customers.

Of course that meant I started mailing in payments that SMUD had to hire someone to manually process and bank. And complained again.

What do you know? SMUD now offers both Visa and Mastercard payment options. I won’t be so bold as to assume it was just because of my complaints, but I wonder who the corporate schlub was who decided to limit options, probably in return for a good deal from Visa, that in return irritated untold numbers of customers and forced SMUD to spend money, manpower, and time manually processing checks.

At least they didn’t try to impose a “convenience” fee for online transactions. That is one of the dumber company policies I have seen elsewhere. How about offering online payments for free, so your company doesn’t have to deal with checks, banking, returned checks, etc. – and making your customers happy?

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