Just look at how they manage their campaigns as an indication of how they might manage the country.

Hillary had a theme a month. Reminded me of Bill Clinton deciding policy based on poll results.

Poor understanding of basic principles. Barack knew the nomination was won by how many delegates are received – not how many large states one wins. Hillary could never overcome her conceding mass numbers of delegates decided in caucus states. Wow, she won a big state a through proportional voting and picked up an extra 10 delegates. She then threw in the towel in small caucus states and lost by huge numbers, such as 15 delegates. The overall delegate net – a loss of 5.

Huge financial deficit and poor money management by the Clinton campaign.

Does this implicitly conclude that Obama will be the next President instead of McCain. Yep. While the election in this closely divided red / blue country could be otherwise decided, I expect that Obama will win in a landslide. The public is very unhappy, as they were with Carter and the Democrats when they swept Ronald Reagan and numerous Republicans (McCain) into office.

Why Barack Will be a Better President than Hillary
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