Just got back from the Sacramento Coin Show at the Red Lion Inn. It was a complete waste of time and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone visit a Sacramento Coin Show until they clean up their act.

The show was advertised to last from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. So after the Broncos beat the Chiefs I headed on over and arrived at about 4:20 p.m.

Upon arriving the lady at the door to take my admission fee seemed perturbed that my presence would be interrupting her conversation with someone else. She then said – ‘Well, better late than never” indicating that the time of my arrival was an annoyance for her. Finally, handing me my admission ticket, she said, “But I guess we did advertise that it was open until 5:30.”

Needless to say, I was feeling a bit deflated walking into the show.

That deflation quickly turned to extreme disappointment, frustration, a twinge of anger – and ultimately this blog post.

Half the vendors had already packed up and left – leaving empty tables.

Most of the remaining vendors were packing up. Even though me and other people were looking at their items, it did not stop them from picking their wares – right in front of us – to pack into boxes. Incredibly rude.

And what was left to see was boring, boring, boring. Everyone had the some coins. Mainly, silver dollars. That was mostly it. Certainly nothing interesting.

Obviously, there was no one buying. Who would?

Hello, Sacramento coin show promoters, here are some tips:

1. Have the lady at the front door taking admissions fees be cheery and to try and generate enthusiasm for the show.

2. Contractually require your vendors to be present and to not pack up their items until the show closes.

3. Get a variety of vendors. A mall would not allow ten shoe stores side by side, and a show should not allow ten silver dollar dealers side by side. If that is all merchants are selling then they will soon be out of business anyway.

Next time, I’ll just be shopping on the Internet. If a Sacramento coin dealer ever tells you the economy is bad or they are having a hard time selling product (or have some other excuse other than themselves for low sales), first point them to this post, then tell them to complain to the coin show operators, and finally, suggest they attend a basic marketing course.

Sacramento Coin Show – Complete Waste of Time
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2 thoughts on “Sacramento Coin Show – Complete Waste of Time

  • March 23, 2009 at 1:51 pm


    Yes, there were some dealers with gold coins. If you go earlier than I did, then there may be even more.

    For that one show, though, the vast majority of dealers just had silver dollars.

  • March 21, 2009 at 3:23 pm


    Did the dealers at this show have many gold coins? I’m thinking about going to the one in April but I’m only interested in gold coins.



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