The Sacramento Kings are losing games at a rapid pace in an apparent attempt to secure a high draft pick. How else can you explain this?

With a couple seconds left in the game last night, down by 3, and obviously needing a 3 pointer, the Kings instead drive into the lane for a school yard layup and – shock – miss it.

Its no secret that some teams, especially in the NBA where small rosters magnify the impact one player can have, will tank to try and obtain a high draft pick. That is why the NBA initiated the lottery, because teams were losing on purpose (while trying not to appear they were losing on purpose). But as the lottery has developed, with questionable ping pong balls going to big market teams (possibly favored) by the NBA, the lottery has been skewed so that there is still a significant incentive to have one of the worst records in the league. A bad record will not do. That does nothing for team.

So I’m writing off the Kings for the year. Its a battle right now for the worst record in the NBA and the Kings have stiff (limp?) competition.

Sacramento Kings Tanking for High Draft Pick
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