The Democrats finally did it today. Despite about FIVE YEARS of notices and warnings about the shift to digital TV to take place in 2-weeks, the Democrats decided to financially harm the economy (TV, cable, cell phone providers, etc.) by extending the conversion date until June, even though they are ready with plans to convert now.

Why? Because about 6.5 million families were lazy, procrastinated, and were not “fully” ready for the conversion. Not being “fully” ready means they have at least one TV which could not accept digital signals, although the family may have other digital ready TVs!

Come June, either two things will happen:

Either the Democrats will extend the date again, or about 6.5 million families will remain not “fully” ready. People who wouldn’t be “fully” ready if you gave them 50 years to make the switch.

Democrats Love Procrastinators
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