And Rush Limbaugh though Socialism is all we had to fear from Obama.

The slippery slope of government dictated employee compensation has started.

Obama is limiting how much executives at companies receiving federal assistance can receive. With more restrictions to come on any company:

“The administration also will propose long-term compensation restrictions even for companies that don’t receive government assistance, Obama said.”

One Democrat Senator has proposed limited the pay of every employee to a maximum of $400,000. Soooo, if you’re a top salesman working on commission, and you max out your government mandated pay by July, I suppose you take the rest of the year off to avoid working for free. Now that will really stimulate the economy!

Keep in mind that corporations are fictitious entities, created solely by government. With this kind of slippery slope it will be easy enough for government officials to propose ANY restriction on corporations: government pay, employee pay, benefits, size of waste basket, etc., as a condition for being allowed to conduct business.

This isn’t Obama and the government using wise tactics to resolve an economic crisis, its Obama and the government using an economic crisis to force a quasi-Communist government upon us. This is the perfect example – limiting pay to what a bureaucrat deems “fair” so that we are all more equal.

Obama is a Communist
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