Nadya Suleman, the new Octuplets with 6 other kids, none older than 7 years old – I predict will soon be losing her kids to California’s Child Protective Services agency.

She has 14 little ones, is single, and without a job, and many would say off-balanced by wanting so many kids. She also cannot mentally distinguish between “welfare” – which is what she is on and receiving food stamps, and “deserving” money from other people (taxpayer’s money) due to her needs. Basically, since she believes she deserves the money that means the money does not constitute welfare.

Did my cuckoo clock just go off?

Oh, and three of new non-Octuplets are disabled, for which she receives additional welfare.

It’s only a matter of time before action is taken to make sure these children are properly cared for.

Prediction: Octuplets Mom to Lose Kids
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One thought on “Prediction: Octuplets Mom to Lose Kids

  • February 25, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Update: No surprise, it is now being reported that OctoMom is afraid her litter will not be released to her from the hospital due to concerns she cannot take care of them.

    Hmmm. No job. No husband. No home. (She’s living with her mother, and the house is in foreclosure since mortgage payments have not been made in almost a year.) No kidding.

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