Isn’t it about time some of the programs intended to ease the recession were allowed to take effect, instead of panicking more each week with another hundred billion dollar giveaway?

The economy goes in cycles. Give it time. A natural cycle would be for the economy to right itself within the next year. Unfortunately, that is when the tremendous government spending will be starting to take effect. Stimulus or disaster? In the short term perhaps stimulus. But when that credit card bill becomes due – disaster.

Funny how the libs were so upset at the ‘massive’ deficits Reagan used to end stagflation. Those pale in comparison to the unbelievably ridiculous almost 2 trillion deficit Obama is planning for this year. Of course, funny how the Republicans in Congress didn’t mind running up (needless) huge deficits under Bush II, and now they stress fiscal responsibility.

Large deficits when the country is prosperous. Obscene deficits when there is a recession. Not a way to run anything.

Where is Ross Perot? This should be a perfect opportunity for someone like Mitt Romney to lay out what they would do as President. If Obama is right about his economic plan then in 4 years he will get a second term. If he is wrong, someone needs to be positioned to explain their different approach. It won’t suffice to merely say Obama got it wrong.

A Time for Patience, not Panic
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