Kaiser paid for an ad in the local paper which said that the percentage of “people of color” with health insurance is lower than the percentage of Caucasians with health insurance.

The fix for this disparity was a claim that now is the time for universal coverage.

Of course, there is nothing preventing Kaiser from implementing ‘universal coverage’ now. Kaiser COULD accept every applicant for health insurance without qualification. Kaiser COULD visit neighborhoods predominantly of color and sign up as many insured people as possible. Kaiser COULD engage in a number of practices to address the issue – other than spending money on newspaper ads seeking government help. Kaiser COULD have spent its advertising money promoting its doctors and services, and Kaiser COULD have spent its advertising money reaching out to those without health insurance.

The upcoming battle for government overseen ‘universal coverage’ will be interesting to watch. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing like Kaiser.

Ironically, a one-payer universal coverage system would eliminate the need for the expensive Kaiser bureaucracy – but that is probably not what Kaiser is angling for.

Kaiser and Universal Health Care
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