Our heroes in the California legislature (read: Democrats) are proposing a tough new anti-discrimination law – with severe penalties – that would prohibit any business from prohibiting OR LIMITING the use of any language. This is SB 242.

So if you happen to speak jive, or are a Wookie, or maybe a Jive Wookie, unintelligibly mumbling and screeching your own language, you’ll be able to sue for big bucks if your employer tells you to shut-up and speak English or something comprehensible.

Or, perhaps your “language” is just flipping people off. A one-hand flip of the bird means ‘yes.’ A two-hand flip of the bird means ‘no.’ A business would not be able to prohibit this. The bar for having a language limitation: necessity, safety, efficiency, fulfilling the business purpose, and having no lesser restriction available – is so high that very few, if any, business in California could justify a limitation.

Or, maybe you speak in farts. After all, what is ‘language’? Perhaps you recall some funny movies, by Steve Martin or others, where someone uses a sneeze for a word, or hilariously speaks an incomprehensible manner. Funny in the movies. Not so funny if you run a business in California.

California to Prohibit Language Discrimination Against Jive Wookies
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