Some actress named Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City (I have never seen the TV show), mother to two kids aged 12 and 6, is in the news today because she is apparently going to wed her lesbian friend.

Not surprisingly, this is a lead story on Yahoo. Probably will be a big story in the Sacramento Bee as well.

Here is the photo from Yahoo:

Maybe it just ‘seems’ like this is the situation, but how many zillion photos are there of two gay women – but in reality, there is one woman and one woman who is trying to be a man?

That’s what I see. One man wannabe, who is actually a woman with a man’s hair cut pretending to look like and dress like a man, and one woman. I think the actress is the woman still looking like a woman.

Since there is a desire to have a relationship where one person ‘looks like a man’ and the other person ‘looks like a woman’, there shouldn’t be any problem with that limitation for marriage. A little surgery and legal sex change and the wannabe is wannabe no more.

Reminds me of Tootsie and the scene of a man, pretending to be a woman who is pretending to be a man. Hilarious. May have to rent that movie again.

Gay Marriage is Still One Man and One Woman
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