Here is your voting guide for the propositions on the California ballot today:

1A – This is a tax increase and a supposed cap on how much expenditures can increase in the future. What are we paying the legislature for if they can’t stop spending on their own?

The tax increase doesn’t take effect until 2 years from now – so much for helping the current fiscal crisis.

Those ads on TV about needing the tax increase to save current jobs, such as firefighters – pure lies that should make you want to puke. I’ve lost a lot of respect for firefighters over this, especially when they say vote for 1A AND 1B, but never, ever, ever, mention 1B in their ads. Wonder why? Read on …

1B – Take part of the tax increase in 1A and give part of it to the teacher’s union (err, I mean education) so they won’t oppose the other propositions.

Basically, a legalized mafia-style shakedown.

This has nothing to do with saving money and only makes the fiscal problem worse.

1C,1D,1E – Since the legislature has spent all its money, and then some, and then some more, and again some more, they look around to see who still has money and decide to grab (borrow) it.

1F – Stops legislative pay increases when there is a deficit. OK, you can vote for this one, even though we all know the legislators will easily circumvent it.


After two budget meltdowns last year, when these propositions were drafted as the final resolution to fix California’s budget problems, now we’re being told that even if all these propositions pass the state has at least another $15 BILLION dollar deficit, which seems to get worse every time the numbers are given.

It is time for the legislature to stop fudging the numbers and get a real budget. If it means massive reductions in government – great. We can start with the legislature and all their perks. Maybe we should get rid of full-time legislators, like other states have done.

This is already a high tax state.

Speaking of fudging the numbers, the Sacramento Bee ran a story with numbers from the legislature claiming that while spending has increased MORE THAN 33% in the past 5 years, spending per capita is actually down because of population increases and inflation.

Hello, we need a statistician here. Inflation has been virtually non-existent, and the population has not increased by a third over the past 5 years, even if you include all the illegals flooding the state. And how much of the budget goes to education, providing services, housing (inside and outside of prison) the illegals who are not paying taxes?

California Voting Guide
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