In the past few months North Korea has done everything it promised to do:

– Withdraw from any negotiations
– Fire missiles
– Test nuclear weapons
– Restart its nuclear facility

and the response from the Obama administration … some meager hand-wringing and a few hallow words, as Obama attempts to be fixated on anything but North Korea.

The problem is, North Korea has promised to attack South Korea if it joins an anti-nuclear proliferation group of countries and boards a North Korean ship, trying to prevent the spread of nuclear technology.

Well, South Korea has now joined the group.

It is only a matter of time before a ship is boarded. Probably sooner than we may think the way North Korea has been approaching and pushing matters.

Are we prepared for a resumption of the Korean War?

I sure hope so. Obama is certainly not giving any indication that we are.

Maybe Obama hopes that by ignoring the situation he can diminish it and ignoring dealing with North Korea. That is what appears to be the strategy. It is a wrong course of action.

What if North Korea is Not Bluffing?
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