There are several reports today that the Congressional Budget Office is projecting the cost, over a decade, of Obama’s proposed health care plan at $1.5 trillion. Or $150 billion per year.

Senators are running for cover because this is much too expensive.

Out of interest, I then researched various sources listing the direct cost of the Iraq War. Including the much reduced expenditures needed during the last year, Iraq War costs are running $100 billion per year.

Not quite the same figures and I’m not sure a 50% difference is in the same ballpark. On the other hand, what’s a few hundred billion here or there to the Obama administration.

But there was a finance committee health care proposal running at one trillion over a decade. (Of course, I assume since the government is involved these numbers are low.) But assuming the amount is right, senators are still running for cover as it is too expensive.

Money for war but not health care?

Or, another way of looking at it, the winding down of the Iraq should free up the money that would pay the health care proposals.

Iraq War or Health Care
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