As the world wonders if the Michael Jackson Funeral will ever occur, of if MJ will be put on ice for a few months, it seems like a lot of the chaos could have been easily avoided.

In 2002 Jackson creates a will naming his attorney and a couple others as executors of his estate. His attorney has the will.

Michael dies and a couple days later his grieving parents have to file a legal action to be appointed guardians of his children and his estate because no will is known to exist. They state in court papers – no will is known to exist.

The court issues an order giving them temporary custody and control.


This is all over the news. One would think the attorney would have let the family know there is a will.

A few days later, the attorney submits the will to the court, and then requests a hearing to overturn the prior court order allowing the parents to have control of the estate since different directions are in the will. The court refuses since it was a temporary order – it will all be sorted out later on.

Since the will appoints MJ’s mother as guardian of his children, one would think Michael, or the attorney, might have let mother Jackson know about the will.

Seems all a little unnecessary, and easily avoidable, by someone with some legal responsibility not exceptionally overwhelmed by grief.

Michael Jackson Circus
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