The California State Bar is refusing to let a quadriplegic take the Bar exam because California’s Department of Rehabilitation paid Sara Granda’s $600 exam fee with a check. The State Bar wants a credit card number.


If you think that’s stupid, dumb, and inane – you’re not alone.

Since when is having a credit card a prerequisite to being able to take a test? A prerequisite to getting a job?

Even Governor Schwarzenegger has called the Bar onto the carpet on this.

The Bar’s response: fighting tooth and nail in federal and state courts to prevent the quadriplegic from taking the test (and the harm to the Bar is what?) – and with the heavy negative, national press the Bar’s website is offline. Nice.

For the California State Bar, an expensive bureaucratic black hole of incompetent boobs that has a monopoly on who can practice law even if they have a law degree, this is a new low.


The State Bar lost its embarrassing battle (after wasting valuable money and resources on the issue). Sara Granda passed the bar and has been hired by the state to work in the Department of Health Services. Congrats Sara.

Shame on the California State Bar
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