The ‘cash for clunkers’ problem is currently a mess because there is so much government, bureaucratic paperwork, delays, hassles, and failures to pay dealers on time – that huge numbers of auto dealers are pulling out of the program.

So … instead of dealing with the federal government bureaucracy for cars — it is the federal government bureaucracy for health care.

The Obamacare public health option as a possible alternative to private insurance.

What if doctors don’t want to deal with the hassles, paperwork, late and low payments (assuming they get paid at all) – and they simply refuse to accept public health insurance patients?

It doesn’t do much good to spend a trillion dollars insuring the uninsured under a public umbrella if doctors don’t want to deal with those types of patients.

Dealing with private insurers is enough pain in the neck. Now imagine having to deal with the federal bureaucracy.

What if Doctors Don’t Take a ‘Public Health Option’
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