Obama is saying today there is another vast right-wing conspiracy not to have health care reform.

No, just as Mrs. Clinton was wrong about the Monica Lewinsky claims, what the vast majority of working (or want to work) and voting people in America want is health insurance reform.

Insurance is too expensive. Insurers drop claimants or refuse to insure for trivial ‘pre-existing’ conditions. People face bankruptcy if they get sick. Everything the government touches tends to be expensive, incompetent, and bureaucratic.

What people do not want, and what the Democrats have been pitching the last month is:

“Morally” paying more to insure the insured (mostly not voters). “Morally” paying more to pay health coverage for illegal immigrants (not supposed to be voters). Fining people if they do not buy insurance (hello Boston tea parties).

Not surprisingly, people want to know what’s in it for them. So far, Obama and the Democrats have only been telling the vast majority of voters that nothing is in it for them. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a natural reaction.

Obama Falls for Conspiracy Nuts
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