It wasn’t that long ago American Idol hit ratings gold with Adam Lambert – a cool and edgy performer taking different, unique, fun, interesting, and entertaining new perspectives on songs.

Ring of Fire – Wow
Mad World – Wow Wow

Like them or not, there was no denying Lambert’s talent.

Suddenly, Adam Lambert was hot.

Was he gay? Probably. But he refused to talk about it because it had nothing to do with his performances and the personality he was trying to express.

Then American Idol ended. There was the tour where all the Idols, except Adam Lambert, would spend time signing autographs for fans waiting hours after the concert. Adam Lambert was straight to the bus.

Now, with a few songs out and a first album one wouldn’t know this was the same person.

Cool perspectives on songs? Nope. Very, very boring – anyone could be singing – songs. Heard them on the radio? Nope. If a song is lucky enough to crack the Top 100 for one week it immediately dies and disappears.

Now, of course, the only thing anyone, including Adam Lambert, wants to talk about is being gay. It’s no longer about the music.

His flaming album cover didn’t help either. While Adam Lambert surely racks up a couple hundred thousand album sales – that is from pre-orders BEFORE anyone heard any songs, before anyone saw the album cover, before the sex stunts at the awards show, before Lambert decided that being gay was more important than being a musical talent.

Fame is fleeting. Lambert is talented and certainly deserves a second shot, a second album to redeem his American Idol aura which led to his initial fame. Otherwise, it will soon be back to backup theatre roles – or maybe he can cash in as a gay porn star.

Sadly, though, do you think Lambert realizes what is happening?

Update: 12/10/9 – Once again, Adam Lambert’s latest song touched into the Top 100 last week and is gone this week. Now that the pre-order numbers are done, album sales are tanking. Given all the incredible hype and free media publicity (that even the Idol winner Kris Allen has not received) – this is really embarrassing.

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