One of the best shows on television used to be Big Love, a quirky show on HBO about a fundamentalist Mormon family (read polygamy) trying to navigate the breach between compound life and the real world.

The characters were real. Interesting. Likable.

This year, it’s a different show. Just a few of the mashed together story-lines and themes after only three episodes:

* Gay sex everywhere. The leader of the compound is gay. So is a receiver. Anal sex in the family.
* Incestuous desires in the family.
* Gambling and running a casino.
* Drinking alcohol.
* LDS Church bashing.
* Guns.
* Digging up dead bodies to cover-up a murder.
* Intentional lies to the real Mormon Church.
* A polygamist running for public office so he can expose his family’s criminal lifestyle.
* The family creating their own church.
* Extortion … and crazies everywhere.

An out of control mass of ridiculous story-lines that is beyond silly. Just plain stupid.

Why the change in tone?

Last year the Mormon Church had an issue with one of the episodes. A complaint I felt was premature and ultimately wrong. There is also the current highly publicized political debate in California and warfare between the Church and the gay community.

Big Love is created by two openly gay guys from Hollywood. Looks to me like they’re now trying to hurt the Church. Ultimately, they’re just hurting the show.

Big Love Spins Out of Control
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One thought on “Big Love Spins Out of Control

  • May 2, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Hi Brian!

    I agree; what the HEY!? I was privy to the real goings-on when I lived in So. Utah, 2000-2005–won’t publicize the details, but . . They tend to take it with a grain of salt there; (lots of ancestry). And yes, these things were going on. Unfortunately . . .

    SHHHH! (I think it’s why I left.) Always the mystic searching for perfection, which the Church was, when I was a little girl. But they did cram too much into the last season, agreed; and confused the Church with the crazies who did start their own “true churches” (sic).

    There was no need to compete with network dramas at all. It’s a story unique unto itself. Why bother to Hollywood it up?

    P.S. Which episode? Curious.

    Really Good to see you again, Brian!

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