The University of Texas recently removed as the name of a dorm a former long-time UT law professor. He was also a former Klansman.

In the discussion about the continuing name of the dorm, I read it was mentioned that UT promotes “diversity” and as a result continuing to recognize a former Klansman was inappropriate.

Apparently, only “approved” diversity is permitted.

I’m NOT going to justify the former Klansman. There are many reasons why a UT dorm should not be named after him.

The bigger question is the concept of “diversity”.

It should mean, among other numbers, accepting a number of viewpoints, including those viewpoints one does not like or even finds repugnant.

Now, ironically, UT may be less diverse. Only “politically correct” perspectives are allowed.

That is not diversity.

One sees this all the time, a typical formula found especially in academia: We promote diversity. Because you do not like ______ you are not allowed.

It is never questioned that by restricting the opinions and perspectives that are unwanted, and which may even in fact be false, that the very concept of diversity is turned on its head. You have to like ______ to be diverse.

More accurately, diversity is simply a code word for, mainly, approved liberal think.

What Does Diversity Really Mean?
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