Signed up at LinksAlpha which is supposed to publish blog posts on other social media websites, such as Twitter. So I just linked Wisdoma to my Twitter account and we’ll see what happens.

Might as well do something with Twitter. I suppose. Signed up over 2 years ago and maybe made 1 test twit. Fairly useless service as far as I’m concerned, but maybe I’ll get some use out of it after all.


Looks like it works. Took the title of this post and posted it over at Twitter, with a link back to this post. Too bad it is not a direct link, but instead uses a link shortcut service.

Steps involved:

Over at LinksAlpha signed in to use with Twitter.

Listed Wisdoma as my blog and said I wanted to publish from Wisdoma to Twitter.

Within Wisdoma installed the Network Publisher plugin. It needed a special API key to communicate between the blog and Twitter. Clicked on a link back to the LinksAlpha account which had the API key. Copied it into the plugin. (Also installed a plugin called PushPress which is supposed to speed things up, although I’m not sure it is necessary.)

Voila, this original post suddenly appeared on Twitter.


Further test. Updating this post with the info above about setting things up does not, fortunately, create a new post on Twitter.

LinksAlpha Test
Copy the code below to your web site.

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