A suburb of Philadelphia is proposing to fine car owners if they do not lock their cars. Apparently, police would go around trying to open cars. If the door opens then they would write a $25 ticket.

No word on how much car owners could sue the police for based on a trespassing claim.

Or, better yet, would be thieves could just follow the police around. When they see a car get a ticket they know which cars are unlocked and easily stolen.

But maybe the police would lock the car doors for the owners? Possibly locking someone out of their car and needing to call a locksmith?

How many car alarms will the police set off going through parking lots trying to open car doors?

With police in many cities not even bothering to investigate petty thefts out of cars, maybe this city should donate their police force to a city with more important things to do besides checking car doors.

Police Aid Car Thieves Near Philadelphia
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