Here are some amazing photos of the inside of the Roseville Galleria Mall after the fire yesterday. As you can see the damage is substantial:

Roseville Galleria Fire Picture
Roseville Galleria Fire Picture
Roseville Galleria Fire Picture
Roseville Galleria Fire Picture
Roseville Galleria Fire Picture
Roseville Galleria Fire Picture

Now for the story within a story …

These photos do not belong to Rather, they were anonymously sent to the station.

Which means of course, officials are up in arms and there is a full blown investigation into who leaked the photos.

Honestly, who freakin’ cares?

Typical diversion to investigate people instead of the more important issues about what those people are revealing. Reminds me of corruption in Washington. Someone exposes a problem and instead of addressing the problem a witch hunt ensues to destroy that person.

Instead of spending time and money in a typical government investigation of “whistle blowers” how about investigating some of these issues from the Roseville Galleria fire —

– Why it took the bomb squad 3 hours to get close to the mysterious “backpack”, but never quite reaching it? For some reason I picture “Mall Cop” slinking along, hiding behind different objects, spending hour after hour getting close, but then chickening out at the end.

– Why the police were able to be inside the mall and apprehend Piggee but the firefighters could not step inside?

– Who made the decision that there might be an explosive inside the backpack (and there was absolutely nothing else in the mall that could be explosive in a fire) and thus it was better for firefighters to be outside watching the mall and millions of merchandise burn?

– Did anyone ask Piggee what was in his backpack? Given he was practically homeless perhaps dirty socks?

– Given the extent of the damage, seriously, there was no place in the entire mall firefighters could enter because of backpack inside the small GameStop store?

– No one was able to put a steel or concrete container over the backpack so firefighters could enter the mall and put the fire out?

– Why the sprinklers were inadequate to put the fire out?

– If the backpack was so potentially dangerous, and it was never recovered, why is anyone being allowed into the mall?

– When was the decision made Piggee’s backpack was not dangerous? Apparently, after the fire.

Undoubtedly a few other questions will come mind. Once these are answered, in addition to repairing and fixing the mall, dealing with employees, ruined merchandise, etc., then maybe we can spend important resources wondering who took the Roseville Galleria Mall Fire Pictures.

Roseville Galleria Fire Photos
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