Doesn’t mean I voted for Jerry Brown, but here were Meg Whitman’s problems:

– eBay not a plus because not like eBay the company. eBay the website and concept is great. But anyone selling much on eBay has stories of being ripped, fees always going up and up, and how bad eBay is. Thousands have abandoned the company. So her one selling point, being the leader of eBay, did not sell here. She’s worth a billion dollars? Lot of money unnecessarily paid by auction sellers went into her pocket.

– Spending about $150,000,000 of her own money to be elected. Wow. A ridiculous amount. Looks like a rich person trying to buy the election. How does one legitimately claim they can be responsible with government spending when their wild spending is out of control? Instead of responsibly spending money Whitman spent money on virtually everything to try and be everywhere. Unfocused, mainly a waste of money. 150 freakin’ MILLION dollars.

– No charitable contributions. Think what good $150M could have done? Checking on Whitman’s charitable history, looks like almost all of her “donations” were to a conservation group in Colorado working on a project that would benefit property she owns there. That’s not charity. That’s sneaky self interest.

– Not voting for decades. Unlike Schwarzenegger who has many years of an interest in politics and making the country better, Whitman didn’t care. At least not until it was of personal interest to her. Frankly, I don’t think she even cares about California now, but saw the governorship as a stepping stone to more power nationally.

– The housekeeper situation. She’s innocent on this issue. The problem is during the second debate she turned to Jerry Brown and hammered him because the disclosure of the housekeeper’s immigration status would subject the housekeeper to being deported. Whoa. So what? This housekeeper lied, forged documents, and committed crimes. But Whitman is there trying to hammer Brown on something he didn’t do, claiming what a travesty it would be to deport the criminal. That’s not being tough on illegal immigration. Brown rightly said Whitman needs to take responsibility and stop blaming other people.

– Robo call after robo call after robo call. She was the first to rob call the house, more than a year ago. Then she didn’t let up. Not saying anything important. Just being a pest.

– Overall, not a likable person.

Why Meg Whitman Lost My Vote
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