10. The Hoodie. Dude, you’re 34 and younger than some players. Show that you deserve some respect and authority.

9. Stupid stuff like refusing to disclose obvious injuries. When your linebacker is standing there with his shoulder in a sling, saying the player has an unspecified upper extremity injury of unspecified magnitude is juvenile.

8. Too Many Roles. When Shanahan was let go the Broncos said having the roles of coach and GM was too much. So the Broncos effectively gave the same roles to a kid who had never held either position. He was in way over his head.

7. Bad draft moves. Too many to mention.

6. Bad roster moves. Too many to mention.

5. Personality clashes with all-pro players and a top defensive coach. Nothing like driving away the team’s best.

4. Spygate II. If anyone knew the importance of not taping other teams and reporting the infraction, it should have been McDaniels and the video guy involved in the first Spygate. Total utter stupidity.

3. Looking at the worst record in Denver in 40 years. Even worse than Dallas this year.

2. Losing to the Raiders 59-14 at home. A coach with an ounce of integrity would have committed hari kari on the spot.

1. Never really being a Bronco and losing the fans. Enough of the steady stream of players and coaches from the Pats. He showed more emotion about beating the Patriots last year than losing to the Raiders. Helloooo, look it up – the Broncos have owned the Patriots for decades. Nice wins, but who cares.

Shanahan was a loved coach because he had a blood lust for Al Davis. John Elway would sacrifice salary to help get other players for the team. Shanahan still does commercials for Denver businesses. For McDaniels, though, it was all about him.

10 Reasons McDaniels Was Fired
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