It is the time of year for businesses to send Christmas cards. Why? Sometimes I wonder if they know.

If you’re going to send me a Christmas card, send me a Christmas card. Please don’t get all politically correct about it.

The current list:

The Good

Newspaper deliverer – Christmas card that actually wished me a Merry Christmas. Has their address so this is a donation request in the form of a Christmas card. We’ll see.

Auto repair shop – I’ve given this place way too much business over the years. They sent a Christmas card that wished me a Merry Christmas with a reminder to keep the Christ in Christmas. Included were several coupons I could use or pass out to friends. Excellent, excellent, excellent. By the way, the repairs at this place are also excellent. If you need a coupon let me know.

The Bad and the Ugly

Western Health Advantage health insurer – this bland “holiday barf” card was written by some bureaucrat. After some self-promotional crap written in 3 and 4 syllable words in long run-on sentences, they offer a joyous holiday season and New Year. No mention of Christmas. In other words, my newly jacked up insurance premiums starting last week are being wasted.

Sacramento Zoological Society – Donation request in a card titled “Warm Winter Wishes”. Barely even mentions the “holiday season” in the card. The politically correct donation request just hit the trash.

ShareASale – Happy Holidays, and here are some charities we contributed to. At least it had personal signatures. Otherwise: bland safe boring.

Commission Junction – Horrible looking Happy Holidays card sent right before Christmas with no chance of actually arriving on time. Has something scribbled inside, I think it starts “Bush” then is illegible. Then it says ‘Best Wishes’ and then the signature is also illegible. That’s what happens when cards are mass signed without really caring why it is sent or who it is being sent to.

Non-Christmas Christmas Cards
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