As much as I like Mitt Romney, a story today from San Diego gives me pause about whether he is serious about running for President.

Romney has reportedly filed an application to level a 3000 square foot, $12 million dollar home be bought a couple years ago, so he can build an 11,000 square foot monster.

This story of the rich, deaf to the suffering masses, politician has been played out repeatedly. Especially in California. I cannot recall it resulting in political victory.

Reminds me of McCain not being able to remember how many houses he owned.

Mitt – you had to file that application now? Why now?

During a week fmajor news stories about the flat-lining economy and people concerned about the jobs and ability to pay for their mortgage?

One thing I know (and this is an issue with numerous ramifications which may have helped get this country where it is) is that compared to the number of super-rich where $12 million can be tossed aside to build a mega-mansion, there are a lot more who make a tad less. Who will never make a combined $12 million in their lifetime.

They vote. And more will vote for someone else.

If you want to be President, spend your money wisely.

Update: March 27, 2012

The mainstream press has finally found this story. Politico is reporting on Romney’s mansion where the cars have their own elevator.

Romney Is Not Serious About Running for President
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