Only Yahoo, a well known extreme left website based in the San Francisco would promote this headline all over it’s site:

Teen Gets Branded a Felon for Life for 7 Cents

Oh, how terrible.

Until you learn the facts of the story:

Anthony Stewart took a bb gun that looked like a real gun, beat down a 73-year old man, punching him in the face, and then robbed the man of everything he had on him.

Stewart then fought the charges instead of pleading to a lesser crime, and was ultimately found guilty by a JURY of first degree robbery.

The fact the victim only had 7 cents on him hardly lessens the malicious crime.

Because what the victim endured was made so much more pleasant because he was not carrying money on him.

As a result Anthony Stewart was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in juvenile detention.

Yahoo called it a “mere 7 cents”. I call it thuggery worthy of the punishment, and so did the jury and judge.

Maybe if the writer at Yahoo had their grandmother punched out, threatened, and robbed they might write a different story. Or they could read their story to their grandmother in the doctor’s office while getting treated, saying, it’s ok, you only had 7 cents on you.

Yahoo Coddles Violent Criminals
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