A story going around today is that Sears is closing about a hundred underperforming stores as holiday revenue comes up short for the company.

That is a pittance of the thousands of stores Sears has.

After a horrific experience buying a refrigerator, that left us over a month without a main refrigerator, let me say I’m glad to see a hundred stores closing, and may a thousand more close.

From top to bottom – literally – from the staff on the floor to local management at the company to regional management all the way up to corporate (yes, I had to deal with them all), a horrible company that deserves to die.

Of course, keep in mind that “Sears” today is not the Sears of decades ago. Kmart bought the company and renamed itself Sears.

I think Sears today is still living off that old positive image. Do yourself a favor – avoid Sears / Kmart. There really is no reason to shop there. Lower prices at Wal-Mart and better selection at big box specialty stores can be found.

Sears Not Closing Near Enough Stores
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