Assuming Mitt Romney wins the Republic nomination for the Presidency, you can be sure there will be significant attacks on Mormonism by the media in an indirect attempt to undermine his candidacy.

This is something I have been sure of for some time. Today, I saw an early attack on Yahoo news.

Out of the blue, an article about a Mormon teenager’s emotional problems, and a wild claim about womens use of anti-depressants in Utah.

Nothing newsworthy at all about this. A story could be made out of an emotionally troubled teenager for any religion, or non-religion for that matter.

This is to be expected of Bay area based Yahoo, where any and every pro-gay article is fit to run. (Today the story was gays make better parents than heterosexual couples!) And, by implication of the LDS Church’s opposition to Proposition 8 in California, attacks on the Church are welcome.

But assuming Romney is the candidate, I expect to see a class action lawsuit alleging sexual abuse akin to that seen against the Catholic Church. Look for attacks against the Boy Scouts, an organization heavily supported by the Church. Look for more media “stories” about the Church which are not positive.

In this hypersensitive political landscape, in depth revelations about Mormonism, critiques of religious beliefs, and ridiculous (because they are not newsworthy) stories relating to private details told to Church elders (of which Romney was one) will soon be all over the place.


February 24th – Yahoo runs major story that a Mormon in the Dominican Republic allegedly baptized by proxy Anne Frank. The claim is from an excommunicated LDS member with an axe to grind. The story starts by saying Mormons engage in a controversial practice of baptizing Christians, Jews, and others to the faith. Not to be missed was the claim Mormons are not Christian. What’s next? Someone in Bangladesh ‘baptizes’ a Muslim and the Arab world goes nuts Oh yes. A major part of the story is that Mitt Romney is Mormon.

The Upcoming Attacks on Mormonism
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