In the 1990s Newt Gingrich destroyed himself, Bob Dole’s Presidential campaign, and Republicans everywhere through personal narcissism and a desire for hostility and battles against everyone.

Do I need to mention his affair, and then after his wife was diagnosed with a disease his request for a divorce, at the same time he was pilloring Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky fiasco?

One funny statement I saw online – Newt had asked why people instantly dislike him, and he was told because it saves them time.

Which is too bad. He has a sharp tongue, quick wit, and insightful understanding of many complex issues. If only the good could be isolated.

Hearing the unbelievable attacks against Mitt Romney personally this week in Florida, it seems nothing has been learned. Time has blunted the mistakes of the past, so they are to be repeated. We will see what happens. It could be a long campaign. But is there a point in destroying Romney to try and be such a tainted nominee yourself there is no hope of defeating Obama?

I was reading that Gingrich said he could not debate against someone who answered questions dishonestly in a debate. But it was Gingrich recently caught lying about hi marriage and offering witnesses to ABC News in response to questions at a CNN debate. Gingrich flat lied. (Not even a political exaggeration, just a flat lie.) Then with a straight face criticizes anyone who does that.

That is apparently what the Republican Party faces. No wonder Democrats are running ads in Florida against Romney in an attempt to help Gingrich! (If the parties were reversed the Republicans would be doing the same

Gingrich Out to Destroy Republican Party – Again
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