A jaw-dropping article in the Sacramento Bee by Edward Ortiz today about government theft. Of course, it isn’t called “government theft” but that is what it is.

Here’s the deal …

Different arts groups are having financial problems as ticket sales and charitable contributions are down. In other words, they are not being supported by customers, or customers in difficult times have other priorities for their money.

The arrogant solution: steal the money if customers don’t want to pay for the arts.

According to Kim Klein of Klein and Roth Consulting in Berkeley “There is a lot of money in California; the question is how can it be so be taxed so (that) more if it is available.”

She suggests a whopping state income tax increase on the rich from 9.3% to an incredible 16.3 percent, and also taxing services with a sales tax so money could be directed to the arts.

If customers won’t pay the money then just steal it from others.

To people like Kim Klein, if you make money you should not have a say in what you spend it on. They will decide what is a good use for your money and take (tax) it from you to support their pet project.

Anyone who knows me and my family know we are a huge supporter of the arts, whether it is attending or creating. But we will decide what we do with our money and who we support.

On Kim Klein’s website she has an intentionally misleading claim that there is more economic growth and employment when the top tax rate is 90 percent or more. Basically, the Kim Kleins of the world want ALL of your money.

Kim Klein Wants Government Theft
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